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Amazing Ryan’s World Holiday Gift Deals Under $50


Looking for gifting ideas that will keep kids comfy, entertained, or even help them learn? Look no further! Ryan’s World has an assortment of toys, games, clothing and bedding, all under $50! Here are 10 fantastic gift ideas that will fit your budget.

Ryan's World Ultimate Smashing Red Titan

1. Ryan's World Ultimate Smashing Red Titan 

Bring home the ultimate Red Titan toy for kids! Your kid can reenact their favorite Red Titan moments, and create their own! Ultimate Red Titan talks with a few different phrases including: “Slimey!”, “Let’s go save the day,” and “Let’s do this”. 

Includes three of Ryan's Smashin’ Surprise Safes and smashing sledge hammer! Kids can use the sledgehammer to smash each safe and reveal additional Ryan’s World inspired surprises! 


Available now at Kohl’s


Ryan’s World Fridge Surprise

2. Ryan’s World Fridge Surprise

Kids can discover Ryan’s World Fridge Surprise is full of over 15 awesome toys inspired by some of Ryan’s favorite treats this Christmas! Find all 15 surprises including mini figures, oozes and compounds, a build-it Ryan figure, and so much more! Standing 16 inches tall, this giant fridge is filled with hidden surprises, and even has lights, sounds, a working ice cube dispenser, and a working dry-erase board! Press the button on the front of the fridge to play sounds and dispense ice cubes. Each ice cube includes an exclusive mini fig of Combo Panda, Gus, or Alpha Lexa! 


Open the top and a Ryan figure pops out! Kids can crack open some more fun when they pretend to cook a meal with the eggs, and find all the hidden play accessories! 


Requires 2 x AA batteries (included). Ages 3+


Available exclusively at Walmart


Ryan's Lab Mobile App Game

3. Ryan’s Lab App

This winter break kids can continue learning this winter break with Ryan’s Lab app!  Choose from a variety of topics such as Just a Phase, Wild Earth, Test It, Animals, The Body, and more. 

Try out Ryan’s Lab app today with a free 30 day trial! After the trial it will be $49.99 for the whole year.


Ryan's World Bedding for Kids

4. Ryan’s World Kids’ Bedding Collection

This Christmas, gift the Ryan fan in your life with this collection! Made with super soft microfiber, and your little one will love to snuggle up.

Available at Target


Ryan's World Galaxy Explorers Bedding

5. Ryan’s World Galaxy Explorers Bedding

Surprise your child this Christmas with the Galaxy Explorers bedding set! Create the most out of this world bedroom with this collection.  Available at Walmart

If your are interested in Galaxy Explorers Clothing for Kids, checkout our assortment like this Ryan's World Tee Shirt in our Galaxy Explorers Collection.


Ryan's World Super Spy Combo Panda T-Shirt

6. Ryan's World Super Spy Combo Panda T-Shirt

Combo-bunga! This holiday season gift the coolest Combo Panda T-shirt. Spy combo is ready for action on this t-shirt. Choose from a variety of colors that your child may prefer.

Available on Amazon


Ryan's World Micro Glow in the Dark Treasure Chest

7. Ryan's World Micro Glow in the Dark Treasure Chest

The award-winning Cap’n Ryan’s Mystery Treasure Chest is back, but this time micro-sized! This holiday season Ryan’s World fans will be mega excited for this micro version with all-new glow-in-the-dark surprises including micro figures, and more!

Available at Target


Ryan's Dart Tag

8. Ryan's Dart Tag Ryan vs Combo Panda

Perfect gift to share between siblings! The Ryan’s Dart Tag Ryan vs Combo Panda comes with 2 blasters for instant competition. Set up your targets and take turns practicing your aim to see who can get a higher score! Both Combo and Ryan Blasters feature 6 dart rotating barrels. 


The Ryan's Dart Tag Ryan and Combo Panda 6 Shot Blasters fire darts up to 27 meters / 90 feet. Includes 16 darts and 2 targets. Ryan’s Dart Tag – Powered by Dart Tech!


Available at Target


Ryan's World Rocket Ship Reaction Chamber

9. Ryan's World Rocket Ship Reaction Chamber

Science can be fun with Ryan’s World! Conduct 6 different experiments in one rocket ship! Create crazy foam, soda geysers, space lava, tornadoes, snow storms, and more! It includes exclusive mini figurines of Ryan, Combo Panda, and Gus!


With this kit, they’ll learn about weather patterns, chemical reactions, and even inflate a balloon with CO2! Kids will love this hands-on method of learning!


Household ingredients not included. 


Available at Target

 Ryan's World Mystery Spy Vault

10. Ryan's World Mystery Spy Vault 

Go on a secret spy mission with the Ryan’s World Mystery Spy Vault this winter break! Kids can use the key to unlock the vault and discover cool Ryan’s World inspired surprises inside, such as articulated figures, build your own vehicles, spy gear, and so much more! Discover three new ways to solve and decode all of the amazing surprises inside! 

Available on Amazon