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Ryan's Island Adventure with Dole


Ryan is the most popular kid in the world…. Ever! His mega-hit YouTube channel, Ryan’s World (formerly RyanToysReview) generates roughly 1 billion views per month. The nine-year-old launched his top-selling Ryan’s World toy line in 2018 at major retailers which now includes Walmart, Target and Amazon. Then, in April 2019, the Ryan’s Mystery Playdate television series debuted on Nickelodeon and a much-anticipated Mystery Playdate toy line followed in December 2019. Ryan can’t be stopped!

Ryan began uploading to his YouTube channel 6 years ago and has built a fanbase of kids around the world. As a YouTube viewer, he was inspired by popular YouTube channels to make his own videos about toys. Beyond toys, he also uploads sketches, video game playthroughs, science experiments, and more. Since starting, the Ryan’s World franchise has grown to include two incredibly cute twin sisters, Emma and Kate, as well as original characters - Combo Panda and Gus the Gummy Gator. Ryan is loved by kids and parents everywhere.