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Join Ryan’s Boo Crew this Halloween with Themed Shirts, Accessories, and More!


Ryan's World Halloween Listicle

Kids can gear up with Ryan’s World this October whether it’s trick or treating, Halloween party or school. Ryan’s World has a variety of Red Titan outfits, role playing gear, and pirate accessories! Your child can decide if they want to wear all-new Halloween themed shirts and accessories or maybe they want to dress up with a Red Titan hoodie that includes a mask or they can also accessorize as a pirate with an eyepatch and sword.

Find our guide for the top 9 items for this Halloween for Ryan’s World fans and parents!

Ryan's World New Halloween T-Shirts

1. Wicked Cute New Ryan's World Apparel and Accessories

New! Extended sizes for the whole "Boo Crew," ranging from kids to adults! The whole "Boo Crew" can show their Halloween spirit with extended sizing for kids and adults!

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Ryan’s World Red Titan Boys Costume Coverall Cape Mask Set

2. Ryan’s World Red Titan Boys Costume Coverall Cape Mask Set

Your child will look so cool and stylish in this Ryans World long sleeve one-piece coverall this Halloween! Stylish cosplay dress up outfit that your child can easily get dressed in; one-piece coverall jumpsuit, cape, and mask made of a soft material that is safe for your kid’s skin for Halloween and beyond.

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Ryan's World Walkie Talkies for Kids 

3. Ryan's World Walkie Talkies for Kids

Ryan’s World Walkie Talkies are the perfect way to have fun while trick or treating! With so many features packed in these walkie-talkies, they will definitely be the perfect gift or toy for your kid. Share with friends or family and have fun in the yard, home or on your next adventure. Built-in lights speech and sound effects with character phrases will light up during all speech and sound effects.

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Ryan's World Red Titan Boys Short Sleeve T-Shirt Cape and Mask Set

4. Ryan's World Red Titan Boys Short Sleeve T-Shirt Cape and Mask Set

Your child will look so cool and stylish in this Ryan’s World short sleeve t-shirt mask and cape set! Perfect for Halloween school activities, trick or treating, pretend play, and more.

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Ryan's world scientist Ryan LAB COAT

5.  Ryan's World Lab Coat

Dress up like Scientist Ryan this Halloween! Lab Coat features Professor Ryan artwork, Ryan's World logo, front pockets and a button-up front closure. This officially licensed lab coat can be used for pretend play, and can be worn while having fun with science experiments.

Available now at the Ryan’s World Shop

Ryan's World Titan Universe Mega Mecha Titan

6. Titan Universe Mega Mecha Titan

The Mega Mecha Titan starts out as a chest, but transforms into a huge, buildable robot for pretend play. It also includes awesome unboxing surprises like micro figures, titan-themed gear for Halloween, and much more. This is one item that Ryan’s World & Red Titan fans won’t want to miss!

Available at all major retailers including Target

Ryan's World Titan Universe Mighty Titan Egg

7. The MIGHTY Titan Mystery Egg

Ryan’s World fans know and love the flagship Giant Mystery Egg, but now there is an even bigger unboxing experience! The MIGHTY Titan Mystery Egg stands at over a foot tall and contains one of the best unboxing experiences available with over 25 surprises! Some of the surprises included are perfect for a Red Titan costume for Halloween! Such as a Titan foam glove, Titan mask, and cape. It also comes with a brand new egg-citing opening experience, so kids can crack into layer by layer to reveal all of the Titan-themed fun. The egg also contains 10 themed micro figures, a micro vehicle, a squishy, a spinner, kinetic sand, Titan trading cards, and stickers. 

Available at all major retailers including Target 

Ryan's World Titan Universe Micro Mystery Chest

8. Ryan’s World Cap’n Ryan’s Micro Mystery Treasure Chest

Need pirate accessories for Halloween? Ryan’s World Cap’n Ryan’s Micro Mystery Treasure Chest includes a small foam sword, and eyepatch. The award-winning Cap’n Ryan’s Mystery Treasure Chest is back, but this time micro-sized! Ryan’s World fans who loved the original chest will be mega excited for this micro version with all-new surprises including micro figures, a micro pirate ship, and putty. Also includes a micro Dig ‘n Discover and pirate gear so kids can be just like Cap’n Ryan with pirate-themed fun! Contents include a micro chest, small foam sword, micro putty, keys, eyepatch, Micro Dig’n Discover, 5 micro figures, and a micro pirate ship.

Available at the Ryan's World Shop 

Ryan’s World Red Titan Gauntlet

9. Ryan’s World Red Titan Gauntlet

Kids will love playing out imaginative adventures with the Ryan’s World Red Titan Gauntlet. The Gauntlet features fun light and sound effects when kids move their hand around! The perfect accessory to any Red Titan Halloween or pretend play outfit!  It even includes a poseable Red Titan figure. Kids can wear the gauntlet, load it with foam discs, and let them launch! Launch the discs by pressing the button. Requires 3 x AAA batteries (included).

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