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Ryan's Island Adventure with Dole



Kids can now jump into the fun inspired by the popular Amazon Kids+ Original Special created by Sunlight Entertainment and

LOS ANGELES – (April 14, 2022) – The fun and adventure of “Super Spy Ryan,” the live-action and animated special created by Sunlight Entertainment with kids and family digital-first studio, is now available for kids to explore in a new, ad-free mobile game launching today. The popular “Super Spy Ryan” special is available exclusively on Amazon Kids+ and the new mobile game inspired by this magical world is now available on the Apple & Google Play app stores in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland – coming soon to Canada, Germany and Japan. Also coming soon to the Amazon Kids+ subscription on Amazon Fire Tablets! 

The Amazon Kids+ Original Games team and game-development studio Amber collaborated closely with p.w. Games and Sunlight Entertainment to create the game, including design and character development. The game builds on the success of the “Super Spy Ryan” special and adapts the shows content into a multiplayer gaming romp for ages 6 and up. The “Super Spy Ryan” special and game are based on the Ryan’s World brand starring 10-year old Ryan Kaji, the biggest name in kids’ entertainment.

“Expanding Ryan’s World in new and immersive ways is crucial to and the Ryan’s World brand in fulfilling our mission to bring kids more of what they love,” said Kerry Tucker, Chief Marketing and Franchise Officer, “Ryan, like so many kids his age, loves gaming and we’re proud to build on his authentic interests as we empower kids to take playtime into their own hands.”

In the multiplayer arena game, kids enter Ryan’s World to play as Ryan and his hero friends to recover stolen party gifts taken by evil mastermind Packrat. Players rescue presents, avoid traps and robots, and can play team games where they’ll compete to collect more toys than the opposing team. You can see more on the “Super Spy Ryan” Amazon page which features the game’s trailer, links to download the app and exclusive “Super Spy Ryan” toys, apparel and accessories. 

“Lots of magic and mischief come together when we partner with our friends at Sunlight Entertainment, and Amber Studio, as is apparent with all of the fun found in the new Super Spy Ryan game,” said Natasha Lipovac, Global Head of Amazon Kids+ Content. “At Amazon Kids+ we’re focused on making high quality, fun content with characters kids love and are especially excited to deliver it as a game. We hope existing and new fans of Super Spy Ryan will enjoy this game as much as we had bringing it to life.”

This release is the newest offering in a suite of already successful games inspired by Ryan’s World, including “Ryan's Rescue Squad” console game released in March, the “Ryan’s World” official game on Roblox, and the “Tag with Ryan” mobile game which has more than 25 million downloads.  

Ryan Kaji, 10, is a top creator on YouTube who has generated over 68 billion lifetime views and attracted over 50 million subscribers across nine channels. For more information about the roster of franchises and creators and its premium slate of content, visit