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The holidays are here, and we’ve got the top list of Ryan’s World gifts that kids are asking for this season! From mystery toys, fun STEM education, new series and content specials – Ryan’s World fans are going to feel the cheer! Check out our list below for the best gifts for the Ryan’s World fan in your life:

Ryan and Friends Plus Postcard

1. Give the gift of Ryan And Friends Plus this holiday season

This holiday season, gift a subscription to Ryan and Friends Plus! You can find episodes from Ryan and more of your kid’s favorite creators, plus new original series and specials, all commercial free in a kid safe environment. This holiday, look out for The Ryan’s World Titan Universe Holiday Adventures special, and the premiere of Max vs the Metaverse. Worried that they won’t have something to unwrap? We got you! Print out one of the three gift card designs to put in an envelope or wrap in a box. 

Watch on Ryan and Friends Plus today!

Mega Mecha Titan

2. Mega Mecha Titan Robot

Ryan’s World Mega Mecha Titan Robot In the Ryan’s World Titan Universe, Ryan must save the day as his super hero self, Red Titan. Taking on his nemesis, Dark Titan, this epic new Red Titan robot is unlike anything from Ryan’s World so far! The Mega Mecha Titan starts out as a chest, but transforms into a huge, buildable robot for pretend play. It also includes awesome unboxing surprises like micro figures, titan-themed gear, and much more. This is one item that Ryan’s World & Red Titan fans won’t want to miss!

Available now at Amazon, and other major retailers!

Micro Mecha Titan

3. Micro Mecha Titan Robot (Target Exclusive)

From the Red Titan Universe comes this Target exclusive, transformable mini-robot. The Ryan’s World Micro Mecha Titan is Combo Panda inspired and can interchange parts with the Mega Mecha Titan Robot bringing even more play. It features an epic Ryan’s World surprise unboxing experience fans know and love including: blind bag micro figures, and includes lots of extra play value! The tank section is detachable and can be interchanged with the Mega Mecha Titan (sold separately).

Available exclusively at Target!


Titan Mystery Fortress Playset Egg (Walmart Exclusive)

4. Titan Mystery Fortress Playset Egg (Walmart Exclusive)

The Titan Universe is expanding in Ryan’s World, so he has called upon his crew to help take on the Dark Titan! Red Titan plans to take down his nemesis in his own fortress and this playset is the perfect backdrop. The playset also serves as a great place for Ryan’s World fans to store their Red Titan toys. It comes with 3 Titan themed figures, the Titan Mobile vehicle, and stickers. Available exclusively at Walmart.

Available Exclusively at Walmart!

Titan Micro Figure Playset Egg (Walmart Exclusive)

5. Titan Micro Figure Playset Egg (Walmart Exclusive)

The Titan Universe is expanding in Ryan’s World, so he has called upon his crew to help take on the Dark Titan! This Titan Universe Playset may be micro sized, but it still packs a strong punch! There are 4 possible themes to collect, and each micro playset includes 4 Titan Universe themed micro figures. Available exclusively at Walmart. 

Available Exclusively at Walmart!

Mighty Titan Mystery Egg

6. Mighty Titan Mystery Egg

Ryan’s World MIGHTY Titan Mystery Egg Ryan’s World fans know and love the flagship Giant Mystery Egg, but now there is an even bigger unboxing experience! The MIGHTY Titan Mystery Egg stands at over a foot tall and contains one of the best unboxing experiences available with over 25 surprises! It also comes with a brand new egg-citing opening experience, so kids can crack into layer by layer to reveal all of the Titan-themed fun. The egg contains 10 themed micro figures, a micro vehicle, a Titan foam glove, Titan mask & cape for pretend play, a squishy, a spinner, kinetic sand, Titan trading cards, and stickers.

Available at all major retailers, and Target!

Ryans World Giant Mystery Egg Golden

7. Ryans World Giant Mystery Egg Golden

The Giant Mystery Egg has been the flagship item for the Ryan’s World toy line, and now fans can enjoy a blast from the past with the Giant Mystery Golden Egg - Greatest Hits series! The Golden Giant Egg was one of the most sought-after Ryan’s World Toys ever, and now it has returned to stores in the Greatest Hits form! The newest version contains a variety of unboxing surprise items, including mystery figures, a squishy figure, kinetic sand, a vehicle, and stickers.

Available exclusively at Walmart!

Mystery Microverse Mega Micro Egg

8. Mystery Microverse Mega Micro Egg

Ryan’s World Mystery Microverse Mega Micro Egg – Series 5 For the ultimate fan of the Ryan’s World Microverse, the Mega Micro Egg is a “must-have”. Filled with mystery micro figure blind bags, a spinner, exclusive micro vehicle, kinetic sand, and stickers. 

Available at all major retailers including Amazon!

Mega Mystery Treasure Chest

9. Mega Mystery Treasure Chest (Target Exclusive)

The fan-favorite Mega Mystery Chest from Ryan’s World is back for its third series in Fall 2022! Upon opening the chest, kids will find multiple secret compartments, with keys to unlock them, each containing exclusive mystery figures, micro figures, an ultra-rare XL figure, squishies, putty, a foam sword for pretend play, a spinner, and a pretend drone vehicle. The chest also doubles as storage, which is great for parents. The Mega Mystery Chest is the ultimate unboxing experience and a must-have for Ryan’s World fans!

Available exclusively at Target!

Micro Glow in the Dark Treasure Chest

10. Micro Glow in the Dark Treasure Chest (Target Exclusive)

The award-winning Cap’n Ryan’s Mystery Treasure Chest is back, but this time micro-sized! Ryan’s World fans who loved the original chest will be mega excited for this micro version with all-new glow-in-the-dark surprises including micro figures, a micro pirate ship, and putty. Also includes a micro Dig ‘n Discover and pirate gear so kids can be just like Cap’n Ryan with pirate-themed fun!

Available exclusively at Target!