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Ryan's Island Adventure with Dole

Ryan's Magic Box
Ryan's Magic Box
Ryan's Magic Box
Ryan's Magic Box

Ryan's Magic Box

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Learn Magic with Ryan!  

What’s Inside? 

This fantastic set is great for young magicians starting out in magic with easy to perform magic tricks, including: 

  • Ryan’s Magic Box – make items appear and disappear before your audiences very eyes! 
  • Ryan’s Magic Bunny – your magical assistant is a cute hand puppet with hidden secrets! 
  • Ryan’s Magic Coloring Book – a magical book that can create drawings and instantly color them in! 
  • Ryan’s Magic Wand - every magician needs a magic wand! This cool magical prop even glows in the dark! 
  • Ryan’s Secret Drawer Box – this magical drawer box can make objects appear and disappear instantly! 
  • Ryan’s Color Change Silks – a red and blue handkerchief instantly transforms into green and yellow! 
  • Ryan’s Picture Cards – these special cards showing Ryan’s friends can perform amazing tricks! 
  • Plus, much, much more! 

Good news for parents! 

Magic is so much fun and is an interesting and unique way for children to learn. Scientific studies have shown magic is great for development in young people.  

Magic is proven to:

  • Encourage social skills 
  • Build kids confidence  
  • Inspire young imaginations  
  • Develop communication and language   

Have Fun with your Ryan’s Magic Box and remember – fellow magicians agree never to reveal the secrets! 

    Ages 5+